Chronique ABS Mag – Mars 2021 – William Ferris

“Un homecoming de Bienvenue et de plaisirs partagés” – Stephane Colin ABS // mars 2021

Chronique Abs mag mars 2021

Your beautiful CD Muddy Gurdy «Homecoming » just arrived and truly made my day. It is a magnificent work that I will share with others.
Your music continues to evolve in such creative, powerful ways. Keep up your beautiful work and let me know whenever I can be of assistance.
William Ferris (Folkloriste spécialiste des musiques du sud des USA, Universitaire, Photographe, Réalisateur)

I received your Muddy Gurdy « Homecoming » album, and it blows me away ! I just listened to it loud like you suggested and LOVED it !
You have taken many songs that i know well and transformed them into your own phenomenally unique and powerful sound.
By combining the sounds of the Hill Country and the hill country of the region where you liv in France, i can get what i always yearn for : a new blues style !
Keep up your great work (i know you will) . George Mitchell
Georges Mitchell : (historien et producteur de musique, il a notamment découvert et produit R.L Burnside, Jessie Mae Hemphill)

Muddy Gurdy et Bror Gunnar Jansson au 106 de Rouen

Feedback du concert de Muddy Gurdy en ouverture de Bror Gunnar Jansson au 106 (Rouen) le 16 septembre 2020.

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Très belle affiche franco suédoise et 100% blues rock avec Muddy Gurdy et Bror Gunnar Jansson au 106 de Rouen mi septembre […]

En ouverture de programme, les Auvergnats de Muddy Gurdy chauffent parfaitement la salle et même un peu plus : très bien accueillis par le public, visiblement fan, les trois musiciens peuvent déployer tout à loisir leur blues rock joliment teinté de musique trad […]

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Elmore Magazine: “North Mississippi blues as if they were born there”

France’s Muddy Gurdy, with a left-of-center lineup, turned out to be a pleasant surprise. With a lissome lead singer playing muscular guitar, this group plays North Mississippi blues as if they were born there—though the French accent on the lyrics is a giveaway—and they’ve brought back a vintage hurdy gurdy, something we don’t hear every day, even at Folk Alliance, where odd instruments aren’t odd. The room was in almost total darkness, but we’ll get a better look at another showcase, that’s one of the many advantages of Folk Alliance’s setup.

In Elmore Magazine‘s “Folk Alliance International, Day 1” report.



“French new sensations Muddy Gurdy”

French new sensations Muddy Gurdy also feature on the main stage.

By the East Anglian Daily Times, before Muddy Gurdy’s performance at the Red Rooster Festival, in Euston, Suffolk (U.K.) on Saturday, June 1st.

“Offbeat project a great addition to hill-country blues canon”

This is a terrific, offbeat project. A young French blues group featuring a female singer/guitarist and a hurdy-gurdy filling in chords like a Farsifa organ travelled to the North Mississippi hill country outside Memphis and recorded live in-studio (and sometimes on-porch) with grandchildren of former local blues legends Otha Turner, Junior Kimbrough, and R.L. Burnside. Everything works sensationally well. The hurdy-gurdy with its bagpipe-like drone turns out to be a great instrument for one-chord hill-country blues. The French players are high-quality. The young American blues players give superlative performances. This is similar to some of the North Mississippi Allstars projects — some of the same artists, lots of the same feel. If you like the North Mississippi Allstars, or for that matter Turner, Kimbrough, Burnside, John Lee Hooker, Mississippi Fred McDowell, Howlin’ Wolf, this is a record you will enjoy.

– John, an Amazon customer. Get your copy of Muddy Gurdy on Amazon as well. 

Six times in Soul Bag Mag’s best of 2018!

French magazine Soul Bag Mag released its “Best of 2018” lists.

In the list curated by Stéphane Colin, Muddy Gurdy is represented in three categories! In the Albums of the year, in the Songs of the year with “Glory”, and in the Revelations.

Eric Doidy also put Muddy Gurdy, Hypnotic Wheels’ second album, in two lists: Albums of the year and Concerts of the year, for Hypnotic Wheels’ show at the Blues Rules Festival in Switzerland.

Three is supposed to be a charm. That is what Jacques Perin does by adding Muddy Gurdy in his Revelations of the year, for both the album and the live shows!

Find all the lists in the news (Actu) section of Soul Bag

William Ferris: “One of the most exciting blues sounds today”

Muddy Gurdy is one of the most exciting blues sounds today.  Tia Gouttebel, Gilles Chabenat, and Marco Glomeau embrace and celebrate Mississippi Hill Country blues with special skill.  Tia’s impressive guitar and vocals are complimented with Marco’s percussion and Gilles’s hurdy gurdy to deliver a powerful sound.  Tia’s version of Jessie Mae Hemphill’s “She Wolf” is especially moving.

By William Ferris, American author and scholar, former chairman of the National Endowment for the Humanities, cofounder with Judy Peiser of the Center for Southern Folklore in Memphis, Tennessee.

NB: In 2019 William Ferris won two Grammy Awards for his Voices from Mississippi album: Best Historical Album and Best Album Notes.

George Mitchell: “So beautifully innovative”

How could anyone have imagined 50 years ago, when I made the first field recordings of R.L. Burnside and Otha Turner, that I would now be writing about some blues artists who traveled from FRANCE to make some field recordings of —and WITH— R.L.’s and Otha’s GRANDCHILDREN! The resulting album, Murdy Gurdy (titled after one of their instruments, a traditional French one called a hurdy gurdy), is so beautifully innovative that I have enjoyed listening to it repeatedly. Cedric Burnside and Sharde Thomas (and Cameron Kimbrough) were obviously inspired by this fresh approach to Hill Country Blues, and they sound great in these one-take, highly spontaneous recordings done on location (with rather more sophisticated equipment than I used in 1967). Since two other Hill Country artists I recorded back then, Fred McDowell and Jessie Mae Hemphill, had no grandchildren carrying on their music, the French trio, Hypnotic Wheels, recorded their own highly energetic and unique versions of “Shake ‘Em on Down” and “She Wolf.” Tia Gouttebel is the singer and guitarist, and may be the most innovative blues musician solidly grounded in tradition performing today.

By record producer and music historian George Mitchell.

George Mitchell has written several books, the latest being Mississippi Hill Country Blues 1967 which includes a collection of a hundred black and white photographs, released in 2013 by the University of Mississippi Press. Before, he published Blow My Blues Away (Louisiana State University Press, 1971), I’m Somebody Important: Young Black Voices from Rural Georgia (University of Illinois Press, 1973), Yessir, I’ve Been Here a Long Time: The Faces and Words of Americans Who Have Lived a Century (E.P. Dutton, 1975).

He also recorded numerous albums, which were released by Fat Possum, Arhoolie, Rounder, Testament, Hightone, Flyright, Southland and Swingmaster. Fat Possum has issued 26 CDs of field recordings known as The George Mitchell Collection.

Blues Magazine (NL): “This album is a gift!”

‘Muddy Gurdy’ is een waar genot om naar te luisteren omdat het zo puur is en omdat het echt live is. Dit is de oer-blues.  Het is ook mooi en boeiend om te ontdekken waar de latere Engelse blues zijn oorsprong vond. Je ‘hoort’ Rory Gallagher, John Mayall, Alexis Korner, The Stones, The Yardbirds, enz. enz.

Voor de echte blues liefhebber, die ook wat dieper wil gaan, is dit album een cadeau!

– By Bennuman, on Blues Magazine, from The Netherlands. 

Which gives, in English: “Muddy Gurdy is a true pleasure to listen to because it is so pure and because it is really live. This is the original blues. It is also beautiful and fascinating to discover where the later English blues came from. You ‘hear’ Rory Gallagher, John Mayall, Alexis Korner, The Stones, The Yardbirds, etc. For the true blues lover, who also wants to go a little deeper, this album is a gift!