In Mississippi with Pat Thomas

With Pat Thomas in Leland, Mississippi

Hypnotic Wheels traveled to Leland, Mississippi, for their Muddy Gurdy project. There they met a unique and so very endearing bluesman, Pat Thomas.

« It’s pretty! » said Pat when he saw and heard the hurdy gurdy. He invited the trio, Tia Gouttebel, Gilles Chabenat, and Marc Glomeau, to visit his father (James Son Thomas)’s grave at the cemetary, where he talked about the family history.

Back at the Highway 61 Museum in Leland, where James Moss greated them, the trio recorded a song with Pat for their new album —a very intense moment for the band.

Pat also creates sculptures, like his father did.

You can acquire one of Pat Thomas’ unique art works by participating to the Muddy Gurdy crowdfunding, along with other happies…