In Mississippi with Pat Thomas

With Pat Thomas in Leland, Mississippi

Hypnotic Wheels traveled to Leland, Mississippi, for their Muddy Gurdy project. There they met a unique and so very endearing bluesman, Pat Thomas.

« It’s pretty! » said Pat when he saw and heard the hurdy gurdy. He invited the trio, Tia Gouttebel, Gilles Chabenat, and Marc Glomeau, to visit his father (James Son Thomas)’s grave at the cemetary, where he talked about the family history.

Back at the Highway 61 Museum in Leland, where James Moss greated them, the trio recorded a song with Pat for their new album —a very intense moment for the band.

Pat also creates sculptures, like his father did.

You can acquire one of Pat Thomas’ unique art works by participating to the Muddy Gurdy crowdfunding, along with other happies…

On ABS Magazine’s cover

To record their second album, The Muddy Gurdy Mississippi Project, the Hypnotic Wheels trio (Tia Gouttebel, guitar, vocals; Marc Glomeau, percussion; and Gilles Chabenat, hurdy gurdy), traveled to the North Mississippi Hill County and the Delta. They met with descendents of emblematic bluesmen from the area: Cedric Burnside (R. L.’s grandson), Sharde Thomas (Otha Turner’s grand-daughter), Cameron Kimbrough (Junior’s grandson), and Pat Thomas ( James Son’s son).

« The sociologist, researcher, and journalist Scott Barretta –a reference in the domain– already told the Hypnotic Wheels musicians: «What makes your project so unique is that you didn’t come here just to take, but to give and to share, bringing something from your culture. » 

The choice of the locations, the nomadic conditions of recording, the fact that they brought whith them a unique cultural element of our folklore, the hurdy gurdy, their generosity made of this musical and human adventure a rare and unique moment. A story which is told from the inside by one of the musicians –which is rather rare, a choice made by our magazine. What you will read, listen to and watch can only intice you to want to learn more about the project.

By Marcel Benedit, in ABS Magazine.

Read the full editorial by Marcel Bénédit and the story written by Marc Glomeau.

In Mississippi with Cedric Burnside

When Cedric Burnside discovers the hurdy gurdy…

R.L. Burnside’s grandson is the first of the four guest musicians invited on Hypnotic Wheels’ second album. An enriching experience for Cedric, who won a Grammy nomination in 2016 for his Descendants of Hill Country album. But also for the Hypnotic Wheels trio –Tia Gouttebel on vocals and guitar, Gilles Chabenat on the hurdy gurdy, Marc Glomeau on percussion.

The recording was done by Pierre Bianchi in Como, in the North Mississippi Hill Country. Images are by Yannick Demaison.

Become a coproducer of this unique project thanks to the crowdfunding.

In Mississippi for the Muddy Gurdy project

Travel to Mississippi with Hypnotic Wheels… The trio –Tia Gouttebel on guitar and vocals, Gilles Chabenat on the hurdy gurdy, Marc Glomeau on percussion–, along with Pierre Bianchi, sound engineer, and Yannick Demaison, for the photos and videos, spent a whole month in Mississippi, in April and May 2017, to record their second album with prestigious guests: Cedric Burnside, Shardé Thomas, Cameron Kimbrough, and Pat Thomas.

Here is a short video to discover the project…

« How well the hurdy gurdy can blend with blues »

You’d be amazed how well the hurdy gurdy can blend with blues. Help my friends out by supporting this campaign.

Greg Johnson, Blues Curator and Associate Professor in the department of Archives and Special Collections, at the University of Mississippi

Become a producer for a unique project!

Hello all y’all. As some of you might know we, the Hypnotic Wheels trio, just spent almost a month in Mississippi. The idea was to bring the hurdy-gurdy there and to record an album with musicians who are descendants of emblematic musicians in North Mississippi Hill Country blues, Cedric Burnside, Sharde Thomas, Cameron Kimbrough, and from the Delta, Pat Thomas.

We are now back from his fabulous adventure, both musical and human, and are launching a GoFundMe to achieve what we started there. Become coproducers of this unique project —music without borders.

For the rewards, we chose to highlight more artists, from Mississippi and from France. Some of them are unique!

You can also find the Muddy Gurdy Mississippi Project on Facebook.

Jamming with Cedric Burnside

Tia joined Cedric Burnside for a couple of songs at the Tin Roof on Beale Street, Memphis, along with guitarist Gary Burnside et bassist Andrea Staten, on May 12th.


At the Memphis Drum Shop

The Hypnotic Wheels trio was lucky to get a private tour of the famous Memphis Drum Shop, on Friday, May 12th, with director Jim Pettit and drummer Rodney Polk. An unforgetable experience, shown on their website.

Marc Glomeau, Tia Gouttebel, and drummer Rodney Polk.


Rodney Polk, Jim Pettit, director of the Memphis Drum Shop, Marc Glomeau.


Rodney Polk, Gilles Chabenat, Marc Glomeau.


Marc Glomeau, Tia Gouttebel, Gilles Chabenat.


Marc Glomeau.


Marc Glomeau.

A showcase at Goner Records in Memphis

The day after the Blues Music Awards, Hypnotic Wheels did a showcase at Goner Records, in Memphis.

Gilles Chabenat, Marc Glomeau, Tia Gouttebel

In Memphis for the Blues Music Awards

After having spent three weeks in Mississippi to record their new album, including several songs with drummer Cedric Burnside, who was nominated for the Grammys in 2016 for his Descendants of Hill Country album, the trio, Marc Glomeau, Tia Gouttebel and Gilles Chabenat, went to Memphis to attend the prestigious Blues Music Awards ceremony.

A week rich with encounters and reunions…

Marc Glomeau, Tia Gouttebel, and Gilles Chabenat, at the entrance of the Blues Music Awards, in Memphis.


Cedric Burnside and Marc Glomeau. Cedric Burnside won a Blues Music Award for best drummer –his seventh!


Tia Gouttebel and Cedric Burnside.


Singer and harmonicist harmoniciste Jason Ricci and Tia Gouttebel.


Mona Ables, Fantastic Negrito and Marc Glomeau.


Tia Gouttebel with drummer Rodd Bland. A statue of his father, the singer Bobby « Blue » Bland, was dedicated the following day at South Main Street and Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard.