Detailed story and in fRoots compilation

In the « Gurdy Up! » story, published in the 418th issue of fRoots Magazine, Cara Gibney tells how « three French musicians headed to the Mississippi hill country to record the remarkable Muddy Gurdy project. » 

She interviewed Marc Glomeau, the percussionist who initiated the project, Tia Gouttebel who brought her guitar playing, her singing, and her knowledge of the blues world, Gilles Chabenat, the hurdy gurdy player, and Pierre Bianchi, the sound engineer who traveled with the trio to record the sessions.


fRoots also picked one of Muddy Gurdy‘s songs to include in their free download compilation that goes with the Spring 2018 issue of the magazine. Glory Glory Hallelujah was recorded in the Spring of 2017 in Como, Mississippi, with special guest Shardé Thomas, granddaughter of Otha Turner, fife-and-drum-tradition extraordinaire.

  1. Lord Help The Poor And Needy Muddy Gurdy 4:23
  2. Chain Gang Muddy Gurdy 3:24
  3. Down In Mississippi Featuring Louis Jacques Muddy Gurdy 7:03
  4. MG's Boogie Featuring Guillaume Vargoz Muddy Gurdy 5:24
  5. Land's Song Featuring Maxence Latrémolière Muddy Gurdy 4:17
  6. Another Man Done Gone Muddy Gurdy 4:21
  7. Afro Briolage Featuring Maxence Latrémolière Muddy Gurdy 3:14
  8. Strange Fruit Muddy Gurdy 3:04
  9. You Gotta Move Muddy Gurdy 4:24
  10. Black Madonna Featuring Guillaume Vargoz Muddy Gurdy 3:27
  11. Tell Me You Love Me Muddy Gurdy 2:58