Digital Blues: « A CD which I am loving »

Digital Blues, in the U.K., brings every week « tracks from more new arrivals »… and gave Muddy Gurdy a spin: Going’ Down South’, Hypnotic Wheels playing with Cedric Burnside —and the dogs barking in the background.

The section starts at 19:00.

With the review at 27:52: « A track from a CD which I played last week, which I am loving. It is called Muddy Gurdy. It’s three French musicians playing, as they say: When French hurdy gurdy meets the North Mississippi Hill Country blues, featuring Cedric Burnside, Cameron Kimbrough, Pat Thomas and Sharde Thomas. These very different interpretations of some very well know songs. »

  1. Lord Help The Poor And Needy Muddy Gurdy 4:23
  2. Chain Gang Muddy Gurdy 3:24
  3. Down In Mississippi Featuring Louis Jacques Muddy Gurdy 7:03
  4. MG's Boogie Featuring Guillaume Vargoz Muddy Gurdy 5:24
  5. Land's Song Featuring Maxence Latrémolière Muddy Gurdy 4:17
  6. Another Man Done Gone Muddy Gurdy 4:21
  7. Afro Briolage Featuring Maxence Latrémolière Muddy Gurdy 3:14
  8. Strange Fruit Muddy Gurdy 3:04
  9. You Gotta Move Muddy Gurdy 4:24
  10. Black Madonna Featuring Guillaume Vargoz Muddy Gurdy 3:27
  11. Tell Me You Love Me Muddy Gurdy 2:58